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Kerra loves most the foods she was designed to eat; Raw Bones etc..

ODD! Our Species finds many Foods of our Origin almost Repulsive.
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Restore Natural Health, Physical Fitness & Beauty-Plus Info.

We are not designed to be Sick, Look bad, Feel bad,
be Worn-out, Drained, Weak, Weary, or Overweight.
Analyze Exercise, Diet & Care: Suicide Mission on Schedule ?
Being ± unattractive ailing or overweight is a choice Today !


Trans Fatty Acids
Hydrogenated Oil
High Temp +300°
Fried Food & etc.

Food Cooked in Pots
Is it time for the Original Organic Raw Food Diet?
Time to diet but whichever diet, diet equals health !right! so whatever one taste good, if beefsteak is our thing, the Atkins Diet is good. Anyways none seem to work for me; we must have been designed & adapted to something, or the very least adapted.

The Diet on this site will be the Original Organic Diet plus Adaptations. Recreational Mining(digging) & Archery will show exercises, useful in the past & a page to sum up the benefits of exercises today.

When we talk about Adaptation we run into the problem of theories. Some people believe in creation, some evolution and others like myself, both. If our world was created as Ussher says 4004 BC, or ten billion years ago as most science say; why cannot we correlate stages of development: learn to speek each others language, so to speek? All can always think on the inside that the other guy does not have it quite right.

As for me, how can you go three million years without being able to improve a tool, or at least to where the average person could tell the difference: then one day 250,000 years ago ± a few minutes; you wake next morning a modern woman or man? mtDNA goes from woman to woman(daughter), modern man may yet be debatable. !Now to find All those missing LINKS!

See        HISTORY

Notice in most advanced civilizations there were always twelve major Gods except for Babylon where finally one God demoted the others. The sons of these gods had kids with earth women ?Genesis - 6 & in some old writings the daughters of the Gods had kids with earth men. But these are all Myths. RIGHT!

I find it so Amazing that so many people had the same Myths. The Magnificient Dozen, months in a year, signs of the zodiac, divisions of our sky, devisions of our day & etc. People name things for their champions; at a time in the past there must have been twelve heroes who worked together. Sometimes it appears myth is a code word, for modern science taking credit for Sumerian or Indus knowledge.

 Check some of the latest Research Myth, The Indus River Civilizations: one of their Goddesses may have been called in several ways; Inanna, Aphrodite or Venus, depending on who is telling the story.   Other Research

   Another thing, when many people say raw food diet, they usually mean total veggies. That is not exlactly the case, as pointed out in places on this site, in Okinawa  the people eat raw fish. And as they live longer than all others on earth, even though they smoke much more than we, one would have problems making an unhealthy argument there. They have six times the centenarians we have and these are usually in much better shape with some still working.

There is not much real research on aging; just to hard to lock people up for controled research. Maybe in a Brave New World to come. See the link & book above. But When the people from Okinawa comes here & eat what we eat they die as we die & have health problems as we have. I have worked in Okinawa off & on, for the last 25 years & raw sea food, or sashimi is one of my favorites. You can get it in the USA or most anywhere else at Japanese restaurants or supermarkets.

So is their diet the perfect diet?   
No, not the one that will get you to the 120 as per Genesis - 6
They use a lot of raw foods, both fish, veggies & herbs; cooked grains, veggies, meat & herbs, herb teas, plus more herbs for medicines. But, in my view they use to much grain, a recent Development in human evolution; over half their grain should be replaced with raw veggies. Plus change the red meat products to a little natural organic Bison, Deer, or range fed Lamb or Cows; either dried or cooked to minimum temperature to make it safe. You can buy these meats in a good Whole Foods Market & one does not need a lot anyways.

The other thing besides food is food separation. In the ± five million years of the Hunter-Gatherer meat was used but a lot less starch(grains). See  DIET page for separation. Protein will digest much longer than starch, in the stomach. Low carbohydrates veggies appear to work well with either protein or starch but not both at the same time & as one ages the separation seems to be more beneficial. Meat and everything else was used raw in our past. Nowadays foods are sold to be cooked, many foods we used raw in our past are contaminated now and our immune systems appear to be a lot weaker. Some foods would be a grave danger not to cook now as with Pasteurized Milk plus many juices are Pasteurized Nowadays. You can still buy a clean raw milk & juices at some health food stores.

Most people would be afread to use raw meat in this country and you often have misgivings about the dried. Who dried it and what preservatives & chemicals did they put in it, plus what temp. did they dry? In the past most drying was done using sunlight & temps rarely got over 112 degrees. If one cooks meat and other things it is good to measure the temperature and not heat it up any more than you need to. There was an experiment once in Canada( Dr. Beaumont's book, Physiology of Digestion)( to see how well meats digested when cooked for varied times, the ones cooked least & lowest temp. digested faster.

Large(5,000,000+)experiments on, veggies v meats, herbs or raw foods?
Research on things like these must be done on a large scale, country, state & religion in order to filter out local irregularities or motives, some magazine or health authority may want to take your herbs and give you some bottles of Vioxx$. Do your own research on people who live longer.
Then analyze the medical talk shows & magazines against Herbal suppliments & medicines. Do you believe they have a reason or a motive??

An eBay Search Table For You: Write in Anything for Items on eBay.
Why A Site for Diet, Weight Loss, Nutrients & Exercise?
If you put Diet & Exercise in the Google Search Engine you get over
25,000,000 hits. Now what we need is 25,000,001 Yes: No ?? So why do we need another site for diets & exercises today?

A quick look around let`s you know none of these 25,000,000 sites has worked on a large scale. As per the  The National Coalition on Health Care  total national health expenditures increases four times the rate of inflation(The cost of research on how to keep you alive on the end of a tube.). The annual premium for an employer health plan covering a family of four averaged nearly $10,000 a year; Now we understand why 50 million Americans are uninsured: The cost in 2006 $2.0 trillion.

That is $2,000,000,000,000 or about three times the Defence Budget.

The United States Gonvernment spends about 16% percent of its Gross Domestic Product on health; mostly to treat the 25% uninsured. Now countries like Switzerland, Germany, Canada and France who treat 100% of the people free; only spend about 10% of the GDP on health; and all of them live longer with better health.   CHECK HERE . The most evil Snake Oil Scam of biblical proportion put on man, or the worst Diet in the world:? Sadly both points appear to be correct. We the people are the Government: at least the part that pays the Bills(scams & results of bad diets).

Next question, how can you have the worst diet with the most food in the world? Our body needs Nutrients besides Protein & Carbohydrates; Many of these two nutrients are not destroyed by cooking, but most other nutrients are, and you will stay hungry until you get the ones you need; even if you stuff yourself & blow up like a balloon.

Your life should have started out on raw food, a couple of years of mothers raw milk. Now when Producers Pasteurized(heat. cook)milk, they do make an attempt to put some nutrients back in: called reinforcing, but believe, it is not the same package that came out when Pasteurizing. If drying foods, keep sun type temp.s(112 degrees or less) so as not to destory enzymes & other nutrients. You can buy raw milk but it is expensive because it must be kept clean. Anyways many people believe Cows Milk is for Cows & Human Milk is for Humans.

A few years ago we were about #12 in health & learning, just behind all the industrial nations. So someone says; we should put nutritious food in all the schools to help with the learing problem(nutrition helps with intelligence). See the movie, Supersize Me, to see the kind of food that was put in the schools. Now we are about #25 in health & learning: look up stats on above links: let us break this down, the people need food for Intelligence, only unintelligent food is available, let us feed them that, someone said. It looks as if this country will pass the point of no return soon, with these types of rip-offs happenings more and more frequent as we get less intelligent, a real Catch 22.

You will read stats. on sites that in 14 years(2020)we will need to be producing 200,000 more Doctors than we do now. So it looks like health can actually bankrupt a nation.

Now is anybody thinking about Preventive.
Why would anyone think of that, can you imagine the difference in money$$?? Ethics are one thing, but a Cash Cow like this don`t come by every day. If fat, sugar, & processed food were replaced with a variety of raw sprouts, that cost very little if one does the sprouting themselves, compaired to other foods: then replace the cokes with unsweetened green or herb teas & non treated water.

The above impossible numbers would fade away but so would the money. Some foods need to be cooked for Texture or Toxins. There is one drawback with raw food, most of it needs to be chewed(using valuable time). One other thing is addiction, it appears many people are addicted to refined fat & sugars(or at least my kids).

Where do we go from here? Many agencies are reporting that the population is 60% overweight now & that over 80% will be overweight in 2010, not that far away. In my experience as soon as the raw food intake went over 50% (in calories) & that was very light on the fruit side(grapefruit, limon & few others); the weight dropped so fast that I felt no need for scales or any of the other aids for control: just dropped back to my High School Weight and stayed. On Second thought High School weight nowadays may not be the perfect weight.

Any Large(5,000,000+)experiments on, veggies v meats, arguments?
Where subjects uses more Herbs & Herb Suppliments than average.
Seventh-day Adventist-v-Latter-day Saints
Research on the internet will show something like below.

LDS - No Alcohol and beverages containing caffeine-moderation for all foods including meats-fasting practiced.

SDA - No Pork, meat and fish avoided or not eccouraged-vegetarian diet encouraged-alcohol, coffee, and tea prohibited.

Life Span- About the same; higher than the average american.
Health- About the same; better than the average american.
Insurance Cost- About the same; lower than the average american.

So who wins; what is the difference?? Naught, zero, nil, zilch.

A Senator from Utah help to keep some Herbs & Herb Medical Suppliments in this country.

Try  Konner, Boyd Eaton M.D.s & others, Authorities on Ancient Diets for a view on modern diets, being out of step with our genetic codes.

Copyright © Aug. 2005 dwaasp

This site and this page is for links to supply information
and market products for a Diet, Exercise, Archery, Mining
and Miscellaneous products.

Here we have the Raw Food Diet plus information on how we
have adapted to raw food and organic food. We have had raw
food over the last millenniums of years.

We discuss the Raw Food Diet, Organic food and how the
Nutrients differentiate in the raw food diet & Organic
food as compared to a cooked diet. What effects Raw Food
have on weight loss & if the Raw Food Diet can be effective
for weight control & weight loss.

When the raw food diet exceeds 50% of your total Diet, weight
loss is almost automatic. Of coarse the raw food diet is not
all Avocados, Nuts, or other high calorie content raw food.
The raw food diet should include many types of green veggies.

The relation between Diet and the Toxins build-up in ones
ones body show how certain raw foods, & nutrients may help
rid the body of toxins. The diet, should include a wide range
of foods and assortments of each food like diverse types
of onions. Several colors of food should be used also. Many
of these foods will help the filters in the body remove
toxins in the body. Where Organic food filtered water and
clean air come in, is to not let toxins into the body.

There is a history page to show where we have came from
in our past diet adaptations and where our diet, nutrients,
toxins, and drug intake stands today.

Links- to sites where diet, nutrients, organic food,
raw food, toxins, drugs, weight control, exercise & physical
fitness are researched.

There is an Exercise Pages to show The effects of
frequent exercise on ones body, how to get time to exercise
all muscle & joints. How exercise is used as mind control,
weight control & helps with complete physical fitness.

Discuss the main problem with exercise; that is finding
time to exercise all of our body’s systems when there are so
many; yet so little time. All muscle systems are of about
equal importance when it comes to exercise; and that
includes eyes, skin, face. One would not want the body to
stay the same size while the Face shrunk. When all food is
cooked one does get a lot of exercise chewing it.

Pages on archery an outdoor sports that help with ones
overall physical fitness & wellbeing. Archery is very good
for mind control & is used in Zen practice. The archery
page will show how to stabilize an archery bow at the maximum
speeds. Products will be described & marketed here that
stabilize an archery bow at very high speeds. That would
require stabilizing very light arrows.

The recreational mining page describes a very light
dredging pump used for mining small waterways & working
on the bank. The very light dredging pump will make this
type mining more acceptable to many people. It could also
be use around the house. Rocks, dirt, glass or anything
else would not damage this pump. The pump also picks up a
suction when out of the water.

There will be several Miscellaneous market pages for
products sold & described on this site. These will include
electronics, networking, computer components, collectibles
& much more. This site will also be used for Affiliates
Programs but I will try not to make it look like a big
infomercial but with the price of GAS as it is I would
expect more people to start exchanging products on the
net. And the ones I list are free to sign up with.

Hope this page helps with diets, food, nutrients,
physical fitness, weight control, mind control, archery,
mining, shopping & or leave links for more research.

Quantum Mechanics (QM), Zen & psi

It seems meditation for psi & zin appear to differ. Zen seems to try to understand the connection linking a Unified System of
Animation (USA- (our universe)) & a unified field of conscious thought potential (the source of all that is, or the IS, FORCE, TAO, etc.).

When I try psi, it sometimes works good & sometimes not at all & sometimes in reverse. I seem to need something to meditate on, a
receptors, antennas, transmitters, or some kind of I/O port. I know Some use things like the Pineal Body or Pituitary Gland but there
seems to be no studies on these components for sensors or transmitters in the last few years, & older studies differ.
It does appear that the Russians & Chinese scientist are working on such things now: & Without Classical Scientist snubbing them.
Albeit some of the work seems a little harsh.

There was an article, telling about one Russian Experiment taking 4 baby rabbits out to sea on a Sub, then Submerging & killing the 4
rabbits while checking the mothers reaction in which they received strong signals. - Look up this story before contacting animal rights!
With the speed of Quantum Brains & Q wave info, I guess one could not tell, which component of the mother, manipulated the info first:
perhaps several components Simultaneously? The article did not say they took the $ 1,000,000 prize from the “Amazing James Randi”.

As QM & Buddhism appear to say our mind/brain (Computer) & it’s support system, is an interface or linking device between a
unified field or a wave frequency from that field: and this universe we appear to be in, with a set of guidelines of time & space,
determined by consensus (a place of learning & amusement). The Computer has processors, memory, tables, registers, flags, caches, I/O
ports, sensors, transmitters, transducers, filters, servomotors, oscillators, programs & etc.
The Genetic Code would be the - Operation System?
A memory of experiences (ego), adjusted by minds (wave frequency from a unified field) - the Operator? (Trinity (ego, wave & field))?
(Son, Father & the Holy Spirit.)

It appears that some QM Scientists say, that we may get psi by our minds spreading out in Entanglement, & that appears to be correct. But
how? Are we not to use the receptors & transmitters that our codes were set up to build? And time, if there is such a thing, would mean
records? Just because most of us, do not understand all the Codes in an OS does not mean that they are there for looks: but in the case of
Microsoft some codes may be!

The Dalai Lama says “he could change his mind if a new scientific find, was discovered, against his belief of our system.”
David Albert- in the BLEEP “I do not think a Buddha would change their mind because of something we do here in a Lab.”
WOW - GALL - Is that an American Quantum Scientist accusing Buddha of Dogma? A wish to see reality without filters a Dogma??
Buddha allows Nothing or Anything to come to a meditative mind. An interest in Buddha & QM maybe, minute difference in viewpoints.
The fears many have are the Dogmas in science, except for Raden & a few others. To challenge the Mainstream takes a fearless mind.
At times the old Guard must die-out; as in the abbot Gregor Mendel Genetics Laws of 1866. Some-things cannot come before their time.
(SO Who Bags The Dogma??)

Does not Our Code, the Human Code appears more extensive than any other + has all the Code that other life forms have? So where are
the sensors that other life appear to have, as a Homing Pigeon, Worms & etc?
Does it make sense that our frequencies or waves sensors cut off at a certain point: dead stop?
And could there be other waves we do not know about yet or at least have no test for?
Is it right to bypass such a great interface built for these purposes: If so why not by-pass all of these rules of engagement for everything?

Some Human Codes may be a little different because of mutation. Just a week or two ago the Japanese found a gene that may cause them
to smoke more than other peoples. Guess that would be a bad code.

Even when a scientist of more than one field writes as Satinover did in the “Quantum Brain” he dose not mention where all the info is
coming from that the brain amplifies.
& it appears that over 95% of all scientist do not want to talk about any info coming from anything but the 5 senses.
6 senses would not cover all anyways: & would a quantum wave function need sensors or dedicated registers to show superposition, etc.?

A few guesses for psi receivers & transmitters:
The Thalamus appears to contain most of the brain’s I/O registers with transducers, interfaces & caches situated all around it, for most of
our sensors. Perhaps the Thought Wave connection should be near it. Then again the Bio-electromagnetic field around us may detect.
Some say the Russians have found, more info come & go through the Eyes than once thought. Is that the Evil Eye; Third Eye or what??
& That may put the pituitary gland in the Circuit. Some say OBE may be from the Solar (celiac) Plexus.
But for me I would wish for an almost direct connection like the Pineal body. It looks like an antenna.
It does other thing like make drugs, but the brain is an efficient computer, only 12 watts I understand.
We appear to have a proficient machine here & would not probably need the power signal that a TV uses.

Most Western studies appear to be; scientists trying to prove to each other that psi should be a legitimate science. What difference the
wave; magnetic, gravity or quantum wave property: we use many things we do not understand? Why not just start using it; many people
are suggesting now that we could save $hundreds of billions on health care alone: Although that may not be good for some industries?

What psi is taking place.
Could the presentiment on the RNGs 1hr before 9-11 be telepathy coming from some Very Focused Minds in the last hour of life?
In other experiments, how does one separate presentiment from psychokinesis (mind over matter interaction) on processors & etc.?

But do understand- if info blocks, filters & fell safes) in the brain were completely removed by meditation & etc, we may start getting
a lot more info than we could use or want. And if many People were going around, Making Wine, out of Water nowadays, we may have
more trouble than we could use. & That may be what some science are debating within themselves? Too much knowledge may demolish
a good Game or Illusion---whatever comes first. This Illusion, least, seems more interesting than being in a potential field doing nothing.

Guess One could check out of this Soap Opera any time they get Bloody Bored, & then rewrite or write another script if they wished:
Keeping an eye on Karma-Actions & Reactions.

Some try to use psi in the Casino with card & computer games. But some of the best say, if one uses psi for self-gain; it gets complex.
Guess one could rationalize helping others. The Casino is possibly more distracting than a Lab for proper Meditation.
Also in a short time boredom sets in (the expression “beginners luck” may have come from this), which is mentioned in the Labs.
A mechanical advantage over the Casino is that you can quit when you are ahead. Two types of psi action at the Casino may be:
Mind/matter; influence the processors and card shuffling + presentiment; that is bet more when you are going to win.

If Daniel Home is for real, as in the “Entangled Minds”, many things should be possible. That could explain the 1200-ton blocks in
buildings at Baalbek, the Coral Castle built by one man in Florida, & building with 450-ton stones in South America without wheels.

Dwaasp this info is also on site

Copyright © Jan. 2006 dwaasp